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(Shared anonymously & with permission)

Anna, likely saved our relationship! When we came to Anna my partner felt very hurt by my desires for a non-monogamous relationship and we were both worried that we were just on different pages. Anna helped me communicate my desires to my partner in a way that helped her feel heard, loved and secure in our relationship. Additionally, after exploring our desires and the different types of non-monogamy we were able to find a structure that is working great for us. Thanks so much Anna!
Anna was great! very intuitive and supportive of our process. we felt encouraged to take the steps necessary to work through our communication issues and within a few sessions, we’d made lasting progress. I’d highly recommend the services.
Anna helped us to develop nonviolent communication strategies which have allowed us to understand each other and our motives more effectively...I now feel better equipped to express my needs in a way that my partner can understand.
By being more open about what we like sexually and in other partners we’ve been able to learn more about ourselves and each other. Learning about these otherwise unspoken desires my partners has has brought us very close. It also feels really good to learn about my own desires and being to share them. It makes me feel very heard and known by my partner.
Honestly, Anna is the most thorough and caring coach/counselor I have ever worked with. Her attention to detail, recall, and exhaustive post-session notes are amazing. She’s really gifted at this work and we feel very lucky to have found her.
We have done a lot of work on dealing with co-dependence. Anna’s resources/insights in the area have been invaluable in helping me get a 10,000 ft view of my co-dependency.