The first step is scheduling your free session to feel out if we're a good fit for a coaching relationship. During that session we'll discuss your specific desires and you'll be able to ask  me any questions you may have. I value human connection. Even if we don't move forward with coaching I'd still love to spend time talking with you about the ups and downs of your open journey. Costs and payment plans are flexible so don't let finances stop you. Truly. I do this work because I love it, not because I love money. 

I want to live in a world where people feel empowered to live freely, authentically, and in radical creativity. This is a small part I can do in pursuit of that vision. Journeying outside the blueprint for how we're supposed to be adults in this world isn't always easy. Sometimes us adventurers can all use a little support in fully owning our desires, finding our courage, and doing what it takes to venture down our most authentic paths. I would be honored to join your support team for that quest. 

If we do decide we'd like to become a team I'll be excited for the adventure of making your most vibrant visions of life and love happen with you! As a coach I can be your greatest advocate as you brave the risks of being free.  I can be more available and present than a therapist, while still always keeping the focus of our relationship on you and your growth. We'll work together to create a perfect plan for you...and our plan won't have to fit into any particular box as is required for therapy. The possibilities for the work we can do together are much more VAST!  Imagine the possibilities...